Living the (bitter)sweet life?

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A while back I read an article about prisoners who have committed horrible crimes, living life in such luxury that only few of us can afford. This article portrays the everyday life in the prison.

Italian photographer Gughi Fassino pitched a photo-driven piece to a weekly magazine he regularly works with and after a bit of negotiation, he was granted access to photograph the prison and inmates for three days.

Halden prison, which Fassino describes as having that “Ikea catalog look”, was surreal to photograph “almost too relaxed for a prison”, he explains. Everyone is required to speak English and the prisoners take computer, woodworking, cooking, and music classes during the day. Inmates incarcerated for violent crimes such as rape and murder are provided with flat-screen TV’s, en-suite showers and have access to jogging trails within the prisons forest environment.

Due to the fact that all prisoners in Norway are released back into society, the structure of the prison is set up to ensure those incarcerated are released rehabilitated as opposed to angry. Approximately 20% of prisoners return to prison in Norway (compared with 50 to 60% in the United States).

Rollerblading Rebel

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Before starting my own cityhopping adventure by leaving my own country tomorrow, I figured a post about it would be appropriate.

Sven Boekhorst (typically Dutch name) toured throughout the country with a custom made ramp, doing rollerblade tricks all over the Netherlands. Almost literally hopping across many main cities. Quite a few touristic highlights pass the revue including my hometown!

Smart Socks?

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Consider me confused already.

I sat through about 2 minutes of this sales pitch about: BLACKSOCKS| Smarter Socks, before becoming utterly confused about the use of it all. I am aware of mankinds unhealthy obsession with their smartphones, but to use this tool to keep track of your washcount, color and pairing of socks seemed slightly absurd.

I must admit. I could not be bothered to watch the rest of this video, but you might be interested in what is supposed to be the future of socks. Don’t worry, this is not a satirical post teasing you about the socks of the future.

I made sure to find the link for potential buyer of these revolutionary socks, which you can find below.

Light me up like a sir

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I don’t usually dabble in interieur design, but when I saw this I couldn’t keep it just to myself.

 Who would have thought that top hats had any other use than just being awesome on people?
Apparently they do just as well up in the sky. Jake Phipps, a british designer, made the following lamps which are even for sale on (even though, with a little fantasy, you could probably make them yourselves). With the characteristic vilt outside and an aluminium cover on the inside these lamps are a must have for any ‘Jeeves and Wooster’-lovers (like me… ) out there.


There’s a shadow hanging over me…

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I can only imagine you have heard numerous depressing, winter, rainy day songs with some version of these lyrics. At least I know I have.

One question I have yet failed to ask myself many times was whether there can be any interesting question deriving from this sentence, and today I just happened to stumble across it. Have you ever thought about the weight of a shadow? And did you even know that a shadow has a weight? An internet webseries called Vsauce about such science facts has covered this subject which I shall link below.

I had never heard of Vsauce before, but a friend of mine told me about them a while back and told me they have some other fun facts and videos on their channel as well, so if you like this just click to their page!
At least now I can rest in peace knowing all these songwriters actually had a weight on their shoulders to write about as well 😉

Weird Art.

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Freshly Pressed 2

Who would have known that there’s so much inspiration out there just on WordPress alone!

Before I keep going about my normal business, I am going to leave you with one more freshly pressed WordPress article containing some very abstract weird art. I hope you like it as well! The link to the original post is below!

Weird Art.

Weird Art..


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Freshly Pressed.

It was about time for a new blog update, and as I was filing through all my favorites on Pocket (read one of the posts below to see what it is), I figured I’d take a quick look at what other WordPress users are doing these days.
I stumbled across a fresh blog (at the time just 3 minutes old) with some amazing inforgraphics containing no information. Knowing I am a sucker for great design, I couldn’t just leave it there. So take a look and click on the link below!

Design: Infographics.